About Us

Dynasty Nest is imported by DND Trading Enterprise which is founded by Dr. Dewi Go. Dynasty Nest is a premium birdí»s nest provider that envisages bringing quality birdí»s nest directly to our customers at an affordable price. A laboratory testing performed on our bird's nests (AVA report number V-021-2012-01-00127, dated 6 February 2012) reported 100% authentic and pure birdí»s nest with less than 10ppm of nitrite. This means our bird's nests are free from any physical and chemical contamination.

Dynasty Nest has over 20 years in cultivating birdí»s nest using sustainable farming methods developed in-house. Each nest is carefully hand-picked from our swiftlet houses in East Java, Indonesia and manually cleaned by our trained workers. The end result is a ready-to-cook product at the convenience of our customers. A small daily dosage of birdí»s nest goes a long way towards a better quality of life. Together, letí»s achieve a dynasty of health through quality birdí»s nest!

For over 20 years, Dynasty birdí»s nest has been established its presence in both Hong Kong, China and Taiwan!