Production Process


With over 20 years of experience in bird’s nest production, Dynasty Nest has developed a sustainable way of farming methods. During breeding seasons, the swiftlets make nests for their offsprings using their saliva. Only abandoned nest is harvested each time. This ensures that each bird’s nest has thicker strands, has large expansion factor (approximately 7-8 times its original weight upon soaking) and is less prone to melting during cooking. Dynasty bird’s nest will only melt after 4-5 hours of cooking. In comparison, immature nest do not have such a high expansion factor and will completely melt after 1 hour of cooking.
Each of our nest is meticulously cleaned by our trained workers. No chemical (such as bleaching agents and colouring) is added during our cleaning process. Dynasty Nest is also committed to long term research and development in innovative cleaning process and water quality to ensure the production of cleaner bird’s nest while preserving the nutritious value in each nest.